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SOLUTION BRIEF Preventing Network Outages Discovering Anomaly On Selected Devices (config changed, Failover Occurred, L1/L2/L3 Change) Trigger More Anomaly Check On More Devices Trigger NI/NIT/NIC Execution Run Intent to Check Rule, Policy and Diagnosis Output to PA Dashboard and Send Alert (Email/API) Early Warning Detection System As NetBrain encodes a hybrid network into a proactive problem diagnosis automation framework that continuously compares the live network against the previously established list of desired results (Network Intents) to identify discrepancies caused by equipment failures, configuration drift and shortsighted configuration changes that may not have considered their effect on the rest of the network and its existing applications. The PAF is different from the traditional monitoring systems, in that it: Preventing Outages, Not Reacting to Them NetBrain’s Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAS) revolutionizes network automation for ongoing “Day-2” network operations by abstracting Network Intents from the underlying network infrastructure. This allows NetBrain to automate the enforcement of the network design including performance rules and security requirements. NetBrain’s intent-based automation allows network operations teams to adopt a preventive infrastructures strategy, greatly reducing the cost and risk. What makes NetBrain different is its ability to continually validate and verify that the network is providing the exact level of service needed by every business application, and to enforce application performance. NetBrain automatically generates the network intents, based on its unique ability to understand ‘similar’ situations, even if the underlying hardware or software is dramatically different. A Preventive Automation Framework (PAF) NetBrain’s PAF provides intelligent and proactive continuous network monitoring and health check of your entire hybrid network. It enables complete compliance verification, including performance and security requirements, and generates alerts when deviations are detected. Network Intent (NI) The PAF uses NI to regularly compare the current network status with pre-determined thresholds. Network Intents describe all the required behaviors of the network in the context of each application and IT service it supports. They: NetBrain’s PAF consists of two core components. • quantify the connectivity, performance and security controls that must exist for each service to be successful • are used interactively to address abnormal behaviors, proactively in response to external events, and preventively to verify the entire network is operating as intended • is designed to proactively enforce design and security rule checks automatically, not monitoring system errors • can be customized based on network design and the critical path flows, not one-size-for-all • can serve as a next-gen design compliance check solution – it is continuously running and can be exhaustive in its proactive diagnostics without any laborious setup Primary Probe Trigger Secondary Probe 1 2

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