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NetBrain Preventing Network Outages Solution Brief_11-7-22

® SOLUTION BRIEF Preventing Network Outages Intent-Based Automation Makes Outage Prevention a Reality NetBrain’s intent-based automation maintains network requirements for every application, including its performance requirements and security profile, to proactively prevent outages. By understanding, in real-time, how the network is performing and then comparing that performance to the previous described behaviors (Network Intents), IT can prevent issues before they result in outages or services degradations. With NetBrain, large enterprises can quickly scale to tens or hundreds of thousands of Network Intents that span a complex hybrid network and the cloud allowing them to continuously compare established network intents against the real-time network. During much of those years, applications and devices were monolithic in nature, meaning that failures tended to bring entire business functions down. In the era of decomposed applications, microservices, resiliency and cloud-centric infrastructure architectures, network outages take a different form. Modern outages are better described as service degradations, where business services continue to be available, but at a reduced level. In either case, the result is the same: business is impacted. What if you could simply describe and maintain the network as a set of required network behaviors that support every application? In addition, you could ensure the network adheres to these requirements. NetBrain defines these as Network Intents. They help maintain ideal network behaviors including connectivity, performance requirements and security attributes required for every application to perform as defined by the solution architects. For decades, IT professionals and business leaders dealt with network outages as a mission- critical situation which severely impacted the business when it occurs but struggled to do anything about it. Today, NetOps continues to run in reactive-mode, repairing situations after they occur. The direct and indirect costs to operate reactively far exceeds what it would be if outages were prevented in the first place.

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