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NetBrain Next-Gen Business Value NetBrain Solves Your Most Common Problems 1. Prevent Network Outages How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Eliminates configuration drift by enforcing design • Enforces design rules and compliance at scale • Protects fault tolerance investments to ensure failures don’t • Maintains application performance by result in downtime preventing configuration drift and human error • Proactively catches and acts on performance degradations • Lowers operations cost by preventing recurring early incidents and repetitive troubleshooting steps • Prevents security attacks from impacting productivity by continuously enforcing security configurations 2. Diagnostic Automation How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Addresses 90% of repetitive incidents rapidly with integration • Improves NetOps productivity and efficiency with ITSM and network monitoring tools • Speeds problem solving with collaboration and • Analyzes the impact to critical assets such as application flows, automated notifications failovers, and configuration policies • Reduces ticket hand-offs and escalations • Automatically triggers troubleshooting of transient problems, • Ensures subject matter expertise is always alert generation and map creation available • Integrates SIEM data from an external system (Splunk/Solar Winds/etc.) via REST API • Enables self-service via chatbot for problem solving anywhere • Automates event-driven diagnosis and mapping workflow including ticket automation with ITSMs, like ServiceNow, automated email notification, and collaboration 3. Application Performance How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Monitors all application paths across LAN, WAN, SDN, • Identify cause of slow applications fast SD-WAN, and public clouds • Maintain application performance • Analyzes the impact to critical applications and maps traffic requirements paths in a unified dashboard • Prevent security issues like route leaks • Automatically verifies and enforces every application traffic • Diagnose transient path issues quickly path against baseline topology, state, and condition for connectivity, performance, and security 4. Protected Change How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Protects you from overwriting current changes with future • Guards against configuration drift and human changes error during change management • Verifies network changes against network design and policies • Automates the defining and delivery of network and benchmarks changes • Enforces the existing network design rules • Assures compliance with network design to • Rollbacks to quickly restore any previous configuration state prevent unintended consequences • Alerting for any intent violations • Provides referenceable records for audits • Speeds configuration updates and eliminates change windows 5. Network Security How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Provides continuous observability and verification (device, • Application-centered network security US-DFW-R1 US-Portland-R1 Cisco Router Cisco Router Route Leak Check M Intern PLS et AS 65131 Internet Wan border, edge, zone) • Automated network security diagnosis and MPLS L3 VPN CN-PEK-R1 CN-PEK-R2 DMZ Production Network Cisco Router Cisco Router Network • Enables application specific security profiles and controls to mapping DMZ Switch Production Switch Firewall Cluster Enterprise Network be established • Leverage existing SIEM tools to drive remediation Voice, Enterprise Switch-1 Data VLAN separated IP Critical Server Enterprise Switch-3 Enterprise Switch-2 IP Phone • Automates Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response of network security incidents 6. Hybrid-Cloud Visibility How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Get in-depth real-time network detail in exportable dynamic • Obtain a comprehensive and accurate view of maps with contextual understanding of connectivity, your entire network, fast performance, and security • Add actionable insight and troubleshooting • Full stack digital twin model of any live hybrid network adds capabilities to network maps real-time understanding of traffic flows from neighbor to • Allow other operational teams to view and neighbor and uniquely understands business requirements understand the network and its impact and network design rules • Summarize the network state and efficiency • Eliminate visibility blind spots in public clouds gains with a modular Report Dashboard • Create network documentation on the fly • Uncover where you can optimize resources and • Auto-create network maps with intents for follow-up reduce costs diagnosis and collaborative troubleshooting Copyright © 2023 NetBrain Technologies, Inc. All trademarks referenced herein belong to NetBrain Technologies, Inc +1 (800) 605-7964 | [email protected] NB-SS-NBNGBV-041023

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