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NetBrain No-Code Automation Business Value Brief 1-27-23

NetBrain Next-Gen Business Value Hybrid cloud-connected networks must deliver the IT services needed by the business with the right level of connectivity, performance, and security control, while minimizing the cost and risk of doing so. According to Gartner, “the limited network automation in most enterprises creates bottlenecks in provisioning, and in incident resolution, while increasing the likelihood of human errors.” ¹ Network teams are understated, and according to Enterprise Management Associates, “more than 78% of IT professionals agree that network automation tools can mitigate that challenge." What is NetOps looking to do? • Reduce the risk of downtime by preventing network outages and degradations before they impact the business • Respond faster to network issues and reduce the time it takes to find and diagnose problems • Prevent security attacks by verifying intended security policies are in effect • Ensure application performance is maintained and prevent ‘slow app’ complaints • Prevent unintended consequences of change management • Gain end-to-end network visibility and analysis in real-time with dynamic mapping, a customizable report dashboard, and exportable reporting What NetBrain will do for you: • Protect fault tolerance investments, prevent configuration drift, and catch performance degradations early • Capture, replicate and trigger execution of automation to identify, diagnose, and resolve transient and repetitive issues fast • Continuously observe and verify that intended network security configurations and policies are in effect • Automatically ensure configuration changes align with network intent and future changes do not overwrite current changes • View and analyze the performance of application traffic paths across hybrid networks and provide automation for remediation • Auto-discover and dynamically map any hybrid network from edge-to-cloud in real-time The NetBrain Difference: NetBrain Next-Gen is the only Day-2 Network Automation platform that manages any hybrid network by capturing, replicating, and enforcing network design intents to eases problem diagnosis and maintain ideal network conditions. It reduces disruptions, proves network innocence, resolves issues quicker, protects the network from unintended consequences of change, enforces a network that’s secure by design, and meets every application’s unique needs to ensure the best performance. Network automation accelerates on-going, or Day-2, operations at scale. No-code network automation provides broad and tangible benefits over code- based approaches, increasing collaboration across service delivery teams. NetBrain Makes NetOps Strategic NetBrain accelerates the resolution NetBrain revolutionized the Network Operations function. The ‘secret sauce’ for of more than NetBrain is our no-code NETWORK INTENT automation technology, which encodes the % tasks and prevents needs of the business and all its applications and services into executable diagnostics. 95 more than The diagnostics can span a wide range of characteristics including connectivity, performance, and security requirements. This Network Intent automation technology of all network problems enables our customers to realize each of these common operational challenges % manifest themselves including prevention of outages, automated diagnostics, application performance 50 before they impact issues, network security enforcement and protected change management. production.  Source: Market Guide for Network Automation Tools | Published 22 February 2022  Source: Network Management Megatrends 2022: Navigating Multi-Cloud, IoT, and NetDevOps During a Labor Shortage | April 2022 EMA Research Report

NetBrain Next-Gen Business Value NetBrain Solves Your Most Common Problems 1. Prevent Network Outages How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Eliminates configuration drift by enforcing design • Enforces design rules and compliance at scale • Protects fault tolerance investments to ensure failures don’t • Maintains application performance by result in downtime preventing configuration drift and human error • Proactively catches and acts on performance degradations • Lowers operations cost by preventing recurring early incidents and repetitive troubleshooting steps • Prevents security attacks from impacting productivity by continuously enforcing security configurations 2. Diagnostic Automation How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Addresses 90% of repetitive incidents rapidly with integration • Improves NetOps productivity and efficiency with ITSM and network monitoring tools • Speeds problem solving with collaboration and • Analyzes the impact to critical assets such as application flows, automated notifications failovers, and configuration policies • Reduces ticket hand-offs and escalations • Automatically triggers troubleshooting of transient problems, • Ensures subject matter expertise is always alert generation and map creation available • Integrates SIEM data from an external system (Splunk/Solar Winds/etc.) via REST API • Enables self-service via chatbot for problem solving anywhere • Automates event-driven diagnosis and mapping workflow including ticket automation with ITSMs, like ServiceNow, automated email notification, and collaboration 3. Application Performance How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Monitors all application paths across LAN, WAN, SDN, • Identify cause of slow applications fast SD-WAN, and public clouds • Maintain application performance • Analyzes the impact to critical applications and maps traffic requirements paths in a unified dashboard • Prevent security issues like route leaks • Automatically verifies and enforces every application traffic • Diagnose transient path issues quickly path against baseline topology, state, and condition for connectivity, performance, and security 4. Protected Change How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Protects you from overwriting current changes with future • Guards against configuration drift and human changes error during change management • Verifies network changes against network design and policies • Automates the defining and delivery of network and benchmarks changes • Enforces the existing network design rules • Assures compliance with network design to • Rollbacks to quickly restore any previous configuration state prevent unintended consequences • Alerting for any intent violations • Provides referenceable records for audits • Speeds configuration updates and eliminates change windows 5. Network Security How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Provides continuous observability and verification (device, • Application-centered network security US-DFW-R1 US-Portland-R1 Cisco Router Cisco Router Route Leak Check M Intern PLS et AS 65131 Internet Wan border, edge, zone) • Automated network security diagnosis and MPLS L3 VPN CN-PEK-R1 CN-PEK-R2 DMZ Production Network Cisco Router Cisco Router Network • Enables application specific security profiles and controls to mapping DMZ Switch Production Switch Firewall Cluster Enterprise Network be established • Leverage existing SIEM tools to drive remediation Voice, Enterprise Switch-1 Data VLAN separated IP Critical Server Enterprise Switch-3 Enterprise Switch-2 IP Phone • Automates Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response of network security incidents 6. Hybrid-Cloud Visibility How NetBrain helps: Benefits: • Get in-depth real-time network detail in exportable dynamic • Obtain a comprehensive and accurate view of maps with contextual understanding of connectivity, your entire network, fast performance, and security • Add actionable insight and troubleshooting • Full stack digital twin model of any live hybrid network adds capabilities to network maps real-time understanding of traffic flows from neighbor to • Allow other operational teams to view and neighbor and uniquely understands business requirements understand the network and its impact and network design rules • Summarize the network state and efficiency • Eliminate visibility blind spots in public clouds gains with a modular Report Dashboard • Create network documentation on the fly • Uncover where you can optimize resources and • Auto-create network maps with intents for follow-up reduce costs diagnosis and collaborative troubleshooting Copyright © 2023 NetBrain Technologies, Inc. All trademarks referenced herein belong to NetBrain Technologies, Inc +1 (800) 605-7964 | [email protected] NB-SS-NBNGBV-041023