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Copyright © 2022 NetBrain Technologies, Inc. All trademarks referenced herein belong to NetBrain Technologies, Inc +1 (800) 605-7964 [email protected] NB-SB-PNO-110422 Founded in 2004, NetBrain is the market leader for NetOps automation, providing network operators and engineers with dynamic visibility across their hybrid networks and low-code/no-code automation for key tasks across IT workflows. Today, more than 2,500 of the world’s largest enterprises and managed service providers use NetBrain to automate network problem diagnosis, generate real-time documentation, accelerate troubleshooting, and enforce enterprise architectural rules. About NetBrain Technologies SOLUTION BRIEF Preventing Network Outages Preventing Outages is Not Just a Dream, It’s a Reality While most organizations have invested heavily in resilient and secured hybrid infrastructures, the reality is services outages are increasing in frequency and severity and it has an impact on both direct and indirect costs. ‘Service outages’ are no longer limited to the infrastructure being “UP” or “DOWN”, in fact most outages today are service degradations, where an application is impacted, but still available at a reduced capacity. For instance, a back-end server may normally be able to process a million record lookups per minute, but due to network infrastructure issues, is now able to process one-third of that number. The holy grail of network management has always been outage prevention because preventing outages is much less expensive than responding to them in a war room scenario. Every moment infrastructures are degraded contribute to both hard and soft costs, reputation, customer satisfaction, and in the worst-case scenarios, valuations. NetBrain’s intent-based PAF dramatically reduces the number of outages by understanding what your infrastructure should always be doing, every nuance of the network in the context of what is needed by each application and topology. It then proactively verifies that the real-time network is delivering the expected results, including active and standby configurations, security profiles and access control, and even the performance considerations needed for real-time applications like VoIP.

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