Content thumbnail Intent Powered Outage Prevention for Multi Cloud Networks Infographic

Intent Powered Outage Prevention for Multi Cloud Networks Infographic

Intent-Powered ® Outage Prevention for Multi-Cloud Networks The percentage of successful % network operations teams is in 27 in 20221 steep decline from 49% in 2016 to NetBrain can help you stay on top. Service Ticket Operations % of all network problems % claim failure to 95 2 96 are repetitive in nature. learn from previous They recur hundreds or thousands incidents through effective root cause of times a month. Collectively analysis leads to repeat incidents; solving this small set of common % of all incidents problems at scale can be 13.3 3 transformational to the business. are repeats. BT Enterprise Managed Services reports seeing a 43% improvement in complex incident resolution time with NetBrain, with the average BT 4 duration reduced to two hours from three and one half. Network Outages Global internet outages climbed 22% to 278 in the week of March 12, marking a return to levels last seen in the third week of January, according to data from ThousandEyes, a network-monitoring service owned by Cisco Systems Inc. % of all outages have root cause in configuration 49 5 and change management errors. Solve Key NetOps Challenges with Intent-Based Automation NetBrain manages your network by intents by managing network requirements not devices, to prevent problems from impacting applications in production. % % % 50 90 64 of all problems can be in time savings will of IT-decision detected before they result from machine makers expect their 6 7 impact production. driven operations. organization to put more investments in automation technology to remain competitive. Get Started 1 EMA Research Report | Network Management Megatrends 2022: Navigating Multi-Cloud, IoT, and NetDevOps During a Labor Shortage - https://www.,-IoT,-and- NetDevOps-During-a-Labor-Shortage&type=Research-Report---Vendor&coverage=Network-Management&author=Shamus-McGillicuddy 2 NetBrain - 3 Damage Control: The Impact of Critical IT Incidents. Splunk and Quocirca November 2017 - impact-of-critical-it-incidents.pdf 4 5 Uptime Institute - study-by-opinion-matters-and-inference-solutions-301092837.html 6 NetBrain - 7 Accenture - © 2022 NetBrain ®