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Integration Brief Paessler PRTG NetBrain (1)

Integration Brief: Paessler PRTG Network Monitor The Challenge How It Works Over time, IT teams looking for comprehensive network A Dynamic Map is an intelligent user interface for visibility and proactive monitoring have acquired a accessing virtually any network data. It is used as the variety of tools to accomplish these goals. But as an input and output for driving network automation. When increasing number of tools permeate their NetBrain receives an alert from PRTG Network Monitor it environments, they have become difficult to manage, automatically builds a Dynamic Map of the problem posing new challenges. For instance, the information area. A RESTful API integration makes metrics about gathered is spread across many tools -each requiring performance and availability data from PRTG Network a different login, console, and specialized knowledge Monitor available to layer right onto the map. to operate- leading to data silos. The data is not contextualized to the task at hand so when a problem An Executable Runbook is triggered to run automated arises, the user is faced with finding data relevant to the applications that gather relevant data and drill into what specific problem area on his/her own. Lastly, when an could be causing the problem. Any data collection and alert is detected in one tool, it does not typically trigger analysis task can be automated in an Executable automation in another, leading to a “swivel-chair” Runbook and displayed on the map. Once the problem network management approach. Organizations has been resolved, network teams can prevent its are looking to consolidate tools to increase their recurrence by scheduling NetBrain to run relevant effectiveness and decrease the time it takes to Qapps -programmable user defined workflows- that respond to network problems. monitor the network for similar issues. The Solution: Seamless Integration Benefits of Integration Tools that integrate and leverage their combined data The combination of PRTG’s 24×7 unified infrastructure to provide a seamless user experience amplify their monitoring and NetBrain’s unparalleled mapping and effectiveness and help teams achieve smooth automation delivers: operations. NetBrain and Paessler PRTG Network • Improved visibility -with virtually endless details right Monitor do precisely that, they integrate seamlessly on the map, including performance and availability to accelerate troubleshooting and other network data from PRTG Network Monitor. management tasks. Through this REStful API integration, • Improved usability -users no longer must navigate network administrators can leverage the power of from screen to screen to find and solve issues. NetBrain Dynamic Maps and Executable Runbooks to automatically visualize and analyze problems detected • Operational improvements -through automated by PRTG Network Monitor. troubleshooting workflows.

Integration Brief: Paessler PRTG Network Monitor Individual Data Views are customizable device-based “data containers” that dynamically toggle on or off layers of information. Detailed metrics about performance and availability of all infrastructure components are sent from PRTG Network Monitor to NetBrain, which embeds this data onto the Dynamic Map through its own PRTG Data Views. NetBrain integrates seamlessly with Paessler PRTG Network Monitor to accelerate troubleshooting and other critical network tasks. Automatically Map any Performance Issue NetBrain can be programmed to automatically build a Dynamic Map of a problem area once an alert is received from PRTG Network Monitor. The custom Dynamic Map is tailored for the problem at hand, with devices and data contextualized for the specific issue. The Trigger ‘Just-in-time’ Automation from a map is enhanced with the results of its own diagnostics (gathered via CLI, SNMP, and through API integration with PRTG alert other tools) as well as data from PRTG Network Monitor. Once PRTG detects an issue and raises an alert, NetBrain immediately maps, analyzes, and visualizes the problem area. An API call triggers NetBrain to automatically create a Dynamic Map of the problem device and its neighbors, execute a Runbook to capture and analyze data as the issue is happening and save all results right onto the map. This is a “level-0” diagnosis as it happens before a “level 1” triage is done. All the data is collected, analyzed and visualized in context, which is especially helpful for intermittent application performance issues that disappear before an engineer can get to them. Enrich Dynamic Maps with PRTG Metrics Dynamic Maps offer a virtually infinite amount of detail about the network via Data Views. Data Views are a layer-based data structure to integrate and display various device information. About NetBrain Technologies About Paessler Founded in 2004, NetBrain is the market leader for Paessler AG’s award winning PRTG Network Monitor is a powerful, NetOps automation, providing network operators and affordable and easy-to-use Unified Monitoring solution. It is a highly engineers with dynamic visibility across their hybrid flexible and generic software for monitoring IT infrastructure, networks and low-code/no-code automation for key already in use at enterprises and organizations of all sizes and tasks across IT workflows. Today, more than 2,500 of industries. Over 200,000 IT administrators in more than 170 countries the world’s largest enterprises and managed service rely on PRTG and gain peace of mind, confidence and convenience. providers use NetBrain to automate network problem Founded in 1997 and based in Nuremberg, Germany, Paessler AG diagnosis, generate real-time documentation, remains a privately held company that is recognized as both a accelerate troubleshooting, and enforce enterprise member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program and a VMware architectural rules. Technology Alliance Partner. Copyright © 2023 NetBrain Technologies, Inc. All trademarks referenced herein belong to NetBrain Technologies, Inc +1 (800) 605-7964 | [email protected] NB-IB-PPRTGNM-031423